Core Activities of India Arts Foundation include:


One of IAF’s core activities is to promote education by creating a common platform for artists and teachers to collaborate and preserve the creative legacy of Indian arts and culture in Connecticut. IAF strives to introduce these various art forms to local schools and college curriculums through regular classes, integrated lecture demonstrations, workshops and summer enrichment programs. There is a strong correlation with arts and cultural engagement to literacy and educational attainment. Thereby, IAF seeks to empower this creativity and lifelong learning by fostering an environment conducive to innovative teaching, critical inquiry and intercultural dialogue.


IAF endeavors to bring together regional and internationally acclaimed artists in classical music and dance to produce notable productions which highlight the perennial nature of Indian arts. One of the primary long-term goals is to host an annual full-day event for all of Connecticut to participate and revel in a traditional Indian jamboree consisting of lively music and authentic cuisine. Ultimately, IAF strives to expose Connecticut audiences to these art forms through meticulously planned and executed activities and projects.

Artistic Creation:

One of the central components of celebrating the beauty of Indian classical music and cultural heritage involves preserving the artistic legacy passed down by hundreds of years of tradition. A unique blend of conventional knowledge with contemporary understanding and application makes it possible to forge a new generation of artists for producing innovative works in Connecticut. IAF seeks to inspire and support such a collaboration across genres of art to shape a collective identity that binds the immensely diverse experiences of every individual.

Research and Dissemination:

Endorsement of critical research, from both an academic and practical standpoint, is integral to enabling any art form to thrive and enrich the lives of both current and future generations alike. This principally involves an integration of scholarly work, primary source interviews and formal documentation on classical Indian arts to engage teachers and performance artists to reach desired outcomes. IAF hopes to sponsor students and professionals across Connecticut with grants and scholarships to not only make empiric inquiry possible but to also assemble a comprehensive library of resources for generations to come.

Planned activities in support of IAF Vision and Goals:

  • Establish a fund of $1M and create a Chair of Indian Arts position at Wesleyan University to promote Indian arts and culture
  • Organize an annual IAF gala event to celebrate Indian cultural heritage
  • Create new audiences and patrons through parades, concerts and outreach
  • Promote the legacy of traditional art forms such as arangetrams and establish professional opportunities for post-arangetram dancers in CT
  • Provide annual awards to Carnatic and Hindustani musicians, instrumentalists (Ravi Shankar award) and other talented local artists (Kala Prasad Carnatic Music award)
  • Generate an electronic and print directory of dance teachers, music artists and Indian cultural events in Connecticut
  • Establish grants for performance artists and researchers
  • Provide scholarships for high school and university students to pursue lifelong learning and commitment to Indian arts
  • Arrange educational programs such as lectures, performance exhibits and workshops to cultivate passion for the arts
  • Sponsor and support production of concerts and competitions
  • Organize events to celebrate the achievements of notable artists in the community and promote innovative works with a base in the classics
  • Initiate collaborations with other cultural organizations to capture and preserve the legacy of Indian arts

The India Arts Foundation is a nonprofit incorporated Organization. IRS Tax Id # 47-5360237. Contributions are tax deductible. Donations made by check may be mailed to 1236 Ellington Rd, South Windsor, CT 06074 or you may donate online at